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Scotty Gillespie x Dopple

Who is Scotty Gillespie?

HI!, Scotty here. I’m an illustrator based in the South west of England, UK. My work consists of bright and optimistic imagery that celebrates inclusivity, playfulness and tenderness. My practice spans across digital illustration, ceramics, animation.

Tell us more about your lovely print set

for the x Dopple Print Collection?

This is going to sound so corny but the inspiration came from my Garden, It's totally overgrown, full of weeds and wildflowers. A gardener's nightmare, but it's my little sanctuary and I love it. I am really lucky to have a small green space that's my own little bubble full of life. I was inspired by the sounds of the rustling bushes, caterpillars munching on the leaves, birds chirping and the tulips I planted last year popping out of the soil.

Describe your creative process

I spend a lot of time in sketchbooks. scribbling ideas down, funny things i heard on the news, writing down observations of things that happened that day, They are basically a diary. I then pull themes and ideas from them to develop further and move from my sketchbook to my computer, a lump of clay or a paintbrush. But it all comes from a scribble in my sketchbook.

What's your biggest source of inspiration?

I feel that my inspiration comes from lots of different places and comes in waves. I always revert back to nature (cliché I know), but it really is a never ending source of inspiration to me. I'm also quite a nostalgic person so I do like to draw inspiration from my own past like cartoons I used to watch (and still do) or toys that I used to collect (and still have). Polly Pocket for life!

Shop the Print Collection: Scotty Gillespie X Dopple

Website: Insta: @scotty.gillespie

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