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Harry Mckenzie x Dopple

Who is Harry Mckenzie?

Harry Mckenzie is a tattoo artist based in Brighton at No Friends Tattoo Club. Mainly working in black wit his signature little red rosy cheeks his work is fun, minimal and full of character.

Tell us more about your cute af cards set

for the x Dopple Collection?

I wanted to make something fun for this collaboration. I really like drawing these photorealistic animals. I know I’ve drawn a good one if it makes someone laugh when they see it.

Describe your creative process

My creative process is pretty straight forward. I usually get a few reference images together then draw a simplified version. I think it's fun trying to convey something in the most minimal way possible, whether that's a positive message with a nice motif or just a drawing of a cute cat.

What's your biggest source of inspiration?

My biggest source of inspiration is probably the people I'm with and my environment. I love tattooing and I love my job. It's easy to make positive work when you're in a studio with your friends doing what you love.

Shop the Cards: Harry Mckenzie X Dopple

Insta: @_harrymckenzie

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