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Clarice Tudor X Dopple

Who is Clarice Tudor?

Clarice Tudor is a comic artist and cartoonist specialising in sad dogs and self-deprecating comedy. Her introspective comics go from wholesome to savage fast enough to give you whiplash.

Clarice’s visual style relies heavily on cuteness and animals as a means of taking ugly feelings and making them more digestible. She thinks “anthropomorphism makes it far easier to look at ourselves honestly.” She states that her goal is similar to that of many cartoonists – to take a thought, concept, feeling or issue and break it down into an appealing, simple, easy-to-digest piece of art that inspires or soothes the soul.

What sets Clarice apart is her youthful wit.

What the idea behind your cool Riso Zine

for the x Dopple Print Collection?

How to Be Cool is a handbook for the great escape. The prison? Caring what people think. I hope this comic zine reassures and affirms the reader's sense of self-worth and inspires them to take pride in their individuality. How to Be Cool is essentially a monologue of my thoughts on what it means to be cool. Now I just need to concentrate on putting my own advice into practice more!

Describe your creative process.

My work always begins with the words. The narrative or gag is the starting point. I then decide which characters or visuals would best accompany the story and begin to plot the gag into panels. This part always takes the longest! I find the line work and colour to be relatively fast as my style is so simple. What's most time consuming is the process of mulling over an idea to work out which presentation will be most effective. There is so much to take into consideration! For example, the comedic timing, the simplicity, the build up, the emotion, tone of voice and people's goddamn attention spans.

What's your biggest source of inspiration?

Wholesome memes. Every dog. Alison Zai. Bookshops. My internal monologue. Any vampire media. Bad dates. Tenderness. Bjenny Montero. Succulent chinese meals. Nostalgia. Internet culture. The Simpsons. Orla Gartland. Savage burns. Absurd humour. My friends. Nicole Zaridze. The comics community. Dickheads. Rinsing the world around me. Rinsing my negative emotions but most of all, rinsing myself.

Shop the Zine: Clarice Tudor X Dopple

Insta: @claricetudor tumblr: /claricetudor

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